Monday, July 8, 2013

The 24 Hour Date-a-Thon

The long holiday weekend meant time to schedule several dates, but I also didn't want to skimp on "me time" or time with my actual friends. If you know me at all, this is real progress. The weekend became tightly scheduled, and inadvertently I ended up with 3 (almost 4) dates in 24 hours. Oops.

I knew as soon as I realized what I had done that I had crossed a line. This was not going to be a good idea.

Date #1 - "The Compliment" Guy

First date was the guy from the previous post who I had been having the fun conversations with through the messaging app. I knew he was going to be trouble, in a good way, when I broke two of my online dating rules before even meeting him - a Friday night date and I gave him my phone number. Up until this point, I wasn't sure if I would feel like there was chemistry on one of these awkward, contrived first dates. Well, with this one there definitely was. He did, in fact, look like his photos, and the conversation was just as effortless as online.

We went to a little dive that had bar games. He beat me at pool, barely. (Thanks, Dad, for the pool table in the basement as a kid so I can hold my own.) I soundly beat him at skeeball, which I thoroughly enjoyed. A girl who was a bit inebriated and her friend played us in shuffle board. We won, of course, but the most entertaining part of the game was that she called me "white girl hot" (is that a thing now?) and kept referring to us as a cute couple fully knowing that it was a first date. It was hilarious.

Afterwards we got dinner, which he paid for. I was watching a YouTube video that he had pulled up on his phone and he paid while I was distracted. Sneaky. Around midnight, a friend who knew I was on the date sent me a text saying that I should probably go home soon, which I did. The perfect gentleman, he drove me back home, gave me a hug and said goodbye. He didn't ask to see me again when he dropped me off, but he did send me a text when he got home. I think he hit every single thing in the first date etiquette post. It's entirely possible he already found this blog. If so, well played :)

If there's a second date, there could be some potential here.

Date #2 - The "Should Have Been Rescheduled" Date

This was the last date that was put on the calendar and really should have been rescheduled. I told him that the only time I was free, and this was true, was immediately after I finished a yoga class and I only had an hour. I gave him the option to pick a different day, but instead we got coffee while I was in sweaty yoga clothes. I wasn't too excited about the date after how well the night before had gone, but this was just a bad idea. He was perfectly nice, and we had a pleasant conversation, but this date was doomed from the start.

Date #3 - Third Time Is Not the Charm

This date was the third time I was seeing the guy from the very first online date I had gone on. This is the guy where I wasn't sure if there could be chemistry on a first date but it was worth seeing him again. By date #3 there was still no chemistry. We went to an event that he's super passionate about. I had fun, but it became painfully obvious, at least to me, that this was not something I wanted to be doing all the time. There was no chance of this turning into a relationship. At the end, I wasn't feeling so great. I'd had several cups of coffee, a glass of wine and only eaten a few french fries after doing an intense 90 minute yoga class and running around in the sun the rest of the day. Not wanting to be dramatic and pass out, I quickly said goodbye and scurried off. I think I said goodbye a little too quickly, but that might have saved me from an awkward no 4th date conversation.

Almost Date #4 - Coffee Meets Bagel Guy

After I left date #3, I started getting messages from a guy I'd been matched with through another dating site called Coffee Meets Bagel. The premise of CMB is that the site sends you one potential match per day and if you both say yes, it's puts you in contact. Turns out CMB guy lives in my neighborhood so he was trying to see if we could meet up. Famished and taking too long to secure food for myself, I passed out on the couch instead. I woke up around midnight at which point it was too late to find food and far too late for any additional dates. #4 would have to wait for another day.

Sunday, a Day of Rest

I woke up on Sunday starving and very excited not to have any dates. It was a day of delicious food and sunshine surrounded by good friends. To top it all off, I got a text from "the compliment" guy asking for a second date. Great way to end a 4 day weekend.


  1. Yayy!! So glad you found someone that looks like they'll be fun. :-) Unfortunately that won't make for much fun for your readers so please forgive us if we have mixed feelings about this. ;-)

  2. YAY! I am rooting for compliment guy! (but will be very, very sad if you stop dating and the blog dies. haha)