Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Show Me Your Face

I'd been told that people who don't have photos on their profiles are often just very private people. However, there's no way that I'm going to meet up with someone whose photo I haven't seen. I've been contacted by 2 different people with no profile photo, and they've both turned out to be bizarre people. So with my sample size of 2, I've deemed all guys without profile photos to be weirdos.

The mysterious OKC no photo icon

Mr. $100M Deal

The first of these interactions started with a message that was a bit forward. He said he was in tech and that he was happy to provide his cell or email and he was on chat. Wow ok. I responded asking where his photo was. He wrote back with something somewhat unintelligible about pixel count. I said I was sure he could figure out how to upload a photo. He did say he was in tech after all. His reply - 
You know what - for you yes! 
This is a pic from my blackberry - I'm killer sales guy in High Tech with an old school phone. here it comes..
Regardless of the fact that this guy still has a Blackberry, it is very obvious that you can't upload photos to the OKC message system. Less than an hour this guy sends me another message as if he didn't know he was messaging the same person.
chat tomorrow etc... Pretty pics! You are a knock out.
 Huh? Then he sent a third message.
You are write - I will get you the proper photo. I look forward to meeting you. Nite 
Looove the spelling mistake on top of the weirdness of the messages. Then next day I get another message.
I will forward my pics! High tech is fun, you should be a super model :) 
He'll forward his pics to where exactly? I'm not giving this crazy guy my email address. And thanks for the cheesy compliment. A few days go by then I got another message from him sent at 3 AM saying he still owes me a photo. Then I got a second message 7 minutes later.
Hi there, you up for a quick bike ride to the Golden gate bridge and back. Coffee at the Warming hut afterwards? I'm in tech as well
Did he forget he already messaged me? Still no photo. A few more days go by when I get a message around midnight.
I love your spunk and pics, I only have one shot with you! I will not screw that up! Pretty pics! On a serious note I look like Vince Vaughn, however the skinny version. Yes I'm in tech and I although I exceed the pack, I'm not that tech savvy. Back to you and your beauty! You are an 11 out of a 10! I look forward to meeting you!
You only have one shot? You've been messaging me for a week and a half. Obviously you are not that tech savvy. And really, Vince Vaughn? Ugh.

At 2:15 AM I got yet another message saying he owes me a photo, and at 2:30 AM -
Nob Hill Spa - on me, Massage & Pedicure - That place rocks
Is this guy a drunk? Have multiple personalities? What is happening? Why is he messaging me so many times in a row? A couple of days later he finally uploaded a photo. It was sideways. I told him he should really fix it. His reply -
I agree, I'm working on a 100M dollar deal and a tad distracted! However, you are right! 
Seriously dude. Get over yourself. I wrote back saying, "I hope your deal doesn't have any sideways photos in the documentation." I can see that he read the message. I guess he didn't like it because that was the end of him. However, he does now have a profile photo uploaded that is not sideways.

I'm a private guy, but you should hand over your identity...

#2 was a guy who was, or at least claimed to be, a physician finishing his training in the area. He said he would share photos with me, and I replied saying that he should do that. He said he didn't think he could attach photos in the messaging system. (Obviously, he's not a brain surgeon.) He asked for my email. There's no way I'm giving out a real email address. I have no idea if this guy is a stalker or what his deal is. I ask him if he has photos anywhere online. He says no. Really? A physician doesn't have his photo on any website? I doubt that. I asked why he decided not to post a photo on his profile.
As a physician/surgeon in this community we are held to a different set of expectations. Quite frankly I do not want colleagues, co-workers nurses, patients or whomever I work with to know my personal business or see my pictures. I hope that explains it. In summary it is beyond my comfort zone to post my pictures on a public forum like this, it took a great deal of thinking and contemplation for me to even have an online profile

Ok, fine. Maybe he's not a lunatic. I said, "I'm going to take a gamble that you're not totally creepy," and I gave him an email address that I never use that has no identifiable information associated with it. His response -
it's a freaking email, what is the big deal ? I am not sure why you think giving an email out would be such a big deal ?
WTF? Seriously? First, I just gave him an email, and second, OKC is full of creepy weirdos. I wrote him back -
Because it has been a big deal before. And I did just give you my email. But you know what, forget it.​
And he's blocked.

The proof is in the pudding. No profile pic = crazy.

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  1. At least "Mr. $100M Deal" spelled "right" properly the second time around... haha.