Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Double Blind Serial Killer Date That Almost Was

You MUST Meet My Friend

One of the stranger messages I've gotten was a guy telling me that I MUST meet his friend. We would be perfect together. It was odd enough of a message that I wrote back. I asked him to tell me more about his friend. I got a very vague generic answer. I asked if his friend was on OKCupid. No. Any sort of online profile? LinkedIn, maybe? "He does not. This would be magic to be experienced in person via a leap of faith." Hmm.

Earth Angel

Now the guy who was messaging me was a little... odd. Under "My Self Summary" all he wrote was "earth angel". He also said one of the things he's doing with his life is "worshiping porcelain gods" and that he spends a lot of time thinking about phantoms and ghosts. A few of his profile photos are pretty creepy as well. Not a guy I'd want to be cornered by at a bar. But this was just too good of a story to pass up.

The Plan

I discussed with a friend how to make this as safe of a meet up situation as possible. Obviously meeting this guy alone was a very bad idea. We decided that she would go with me, and we would bring her boy who had just come back from deployment and is a pretty big guy. I potentially was going to need some protection on this one.

I sent a message saying I would be at a specific bar on a specific date and he could meet me there if he wanted to. He said, "I'll join him for fun and we'll meet you there." I told him the time. He replied, "Look for two guys who look like movie stars." We figured that this could be anything from an imaginary friend to a famous person to a serial killer. Well, here goes nothing.

Coulda Been in a Ditch

The day of this double blind date arrived, and I messaged the guy because my friend and I
decided to go to a different bar. Very short, simple message saying where we were going to be. His response was so bizarre. "We'll be at some other place of our choosing having a f***ing fantastic time." Huh? This was all his idea. This guy is definitely crazy. I wrote back and said, "I guess I'll just have to take a magical leap of faith with someone else." Then I blocked him.

I'm pretty sure I just avoided ending up in a ditch. It's always exciting in the magical world of online dating.


  1. damn. I had high hopes for this one. hahha

  2. This sounds very scary. It seems like they had some sorts of plan and it had to happen at that specific bar. Glad the meeting didn't happen. So bizarre.

  3. Sounds like a weirdo.